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Day 31: Magic

Day 31!! How POWERFUL do you feel right now?! You have made it to the final day of the Play Your Way Challenge. My aim at the beginning of this month was to teach you about the 9 play types, help you find which ones you most identify with, and introduce you to new ways to think about playing. Did I succeed? If I have, you might just be feeling a bit of playful POWER right now in how much more broadly and easily you can wield this tool today in the name of relaxation, rest, and fun.

Not only is today Halloween, but it is also a blue moon -a rare celestial occasion when there are two full moons in one calendar month. What does this mean? I'm not sure. But doesn't it feel powerful... and MAGICAL? To me, anything having to do with outer space feels nothing short of magical. Like.... what is existence? How are we alive to witness the fact that we are hurling through space and that the moon phase is forming a pattern with a locally celebrated holiday?

Think about it... as a kid- if you got to experience Halloween- what did that day feel like to you? A day when anyone can be anything. I honestly don't think it is a coincidence that the final 24hours of our PLAYING in this challenge are happening on a holiday dedicated to creative playful expression and the literal act of becoming someone or something else, on a rare celestial occurrence, and will spill over into the 11/1 the week before a crazy stressful election. I am here to tell you that YOU are the one who can become anything. Through playful devotion and lightheartedly engaging with that which makes you joy-filled, by PLAYING - you become the ultimate player in your reality. You are the main character who has the absolute POWER and MAGIC contained in your inner knowing of yourself, rooted in play, that can survive literally anything this crazy universe has to throw your way. You are the most POWERFUL and MAGICAL version of yourself in this level of your video game reality. And you played your way in to that ultimate character!

Power into Magic

As we talked about yesterday, POWER isn't built all at once. Let me take a moment to go back through all of the small moments of play throughout the month that have gone in to the ultimate POWER of our player, now.

Laugh - finding joy

Wander - the art of allowing

Flow - freedom

Fun - doing it just... because!

Reflective - reflection informing play

Moment- the liminal space and transformation

Space - finding places for playing

Spark - finding your play tools

Clear - making room for play to grow

Ripple - using momentum to expand

Rest - boundaries and breaks

Splatter - trusting and loosening

Sound - external influences and inspiration

Amaze- opening up to possibility and surprise

Nature - intersections with the natural world

Quest - unknown territories

Sense - using all senses to play

Beam - lightening up, inspiration

Connect- individual vs. community playing

Vibrant - feeling the most alive and colorful

Contrast - variety and differences

Center - what pulls you in

Bridge - what connects you to other types

Wild - untamed, natural, and free

Idea - where can an idea lead?

Nourish- fulfillment and cultivating new ideas

Music - a place where all types connect

Levels - nesting small play and grand play moments

Power - intention and responsibility

Magic - embracing your limitless potential

THAT IS A WHOLE LOT OF know-how about play that you did not have on September 30th, my friend.

Today I want to talk about the MAGIC of you - of your limitless potential in Play. I really truly believe that knowledge is power, and that responsible rainbow-among-the-clouds power leads to magic. It is what I have discovered through my own playing this month. Knowing yourself deeply in Play is magic itself, It is your direct line in to joy-filled experience that is easing to your tensions and the challenges of the world that we live in. Presence is magic, where you can play in that liminal place and try on different and varied ways of being without consequence, freely choosing directions and actions that flow with your joy. Knowing yourself, and knowing yourself deeply is MAGIC.

Play has MAGICAL properties for healing the body, mind, and soul moment by moment. All you really have to do is allow this magic in to your experience and choose to embrace it - for as brief of a moment or as long of a stretch as you choose. MAGIC is Halloween night, allowing the unexpected and unexplored to become if only for a moment! There is true limitless potential in Playing and allowing yourself to feel those feelings of joy and relaxation. That is the MAGIC elixir against the trials of our time.

Tonight, I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading through this challenge and joining me in play for the month of October. This has truly been a transformative experience for me to craft and play along with in real time with you all, and I have discovered some new depths of my own 9 play signature types. Thank you for being a part of this, and for bringing this challenge to life through your own participation. Believe in your limitless potential to bring yourself to states of ease through Play, to know yourself and to stand in your personal power and MAGIC.

"Go then - there are other worlds than these!" And so much MAGIC that you have only just begun to discover.

Easton created this play challenge daily, as part of her own play-practice while also participating in the prompts. None of this was pre-planned! This looked like:

- Creating 3 graphic images a day, two animated and one static with the help of Canva

- Writing 9 personalized play-type prompts a day. That's 279 unique prompts over the course of October!

- Writing the blog post each night

- Uploading website graphics and media

- Playing for a minimum of 10 minutes around the daily play prompt and filming

- Uploading daily filmed play to Instagram and Facebook stories

- Social media posts to announce blog entries and daily prompts

If you enjoyed this - keep an eye out! I plan to continue to adapt this work into future public offerings in the late winter / early spring. In the meantime, check out the rest of my website. I will be opening up Reiki bookings and custom artwork of all kinds for the holidays starting tomorrow - November 1st!

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