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EASTONSTANDARD is a liminal time zone for artistic exploration where you are invited to reconnect with joyful play and wonder. Imaginative shapes, multi-chromatic colors, whimsical materials, and immersive environments bring you on an artistic adventure that transcends time. Take a moment out of the daily grind, explore some art, and tap into your own boundless realm of playful creativity and mindfulness.

Easton Smith (she/ they) is the creative force behind EASTONSTANDARD. Her art is a tapestry of vibrant hues, unconventional textures, and a fearless commitment to creative exploration and playful discovery.


Easton has been an artist for as long as she can remember, continually collecting and remixing various artistic mediums, including drawing, painting, photography, videography, stop-motion animation, sound design, mixed-media collage and sculpture, jewelry, stained glass, 3D printing, and digital art.


​Her work is a constantly evolving fusion of innovative techniques and limitless exploration. She currently offers handcrafted mixed-media dichroic sculptures, jewelry, and art prints at local establishments in Somerville and Cambridge, as well as at various bazaars, events, and markets. EASTONSTANDARD was formed in January of 2023 and is a registered small business in Somerville, MA.


Easton is a graduate of Lesley University, where her M.ED. Community Art thesis focused on site-specific installation art and play-based interactive art experiences that foster community interaction and personal mindfulness. Easton's ongoing research on play personalities informs much of her artwork, along with her own experiences with neurodivergence, mental health, spirituality, and navigating the overwhelm of our shared experiences.

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