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An interactive mixed-media installation by HOLOMORPHIA, the creative duo of Easton Smith and

David Fong. We debuted this work at Bow Market in Somerville, MA in the fall of 2023. It was also featured at "Maximalist Market" as part of an immersive pop-up shop at The Goods. We are currently refining this work and will be looking to bring it to more places and events in 2024!


Metatations Immersive Art Space: 2015

 An exploration of time and space and the environmental conditions that contribute to the conscious act of creation in the present NOW. I consider the act of creating a piece of art to be a manifestation of a moment; a woven expression of feelings and thoughts funneled through the influences of outside stimuli. Each strand represents a visualized “present moment” as well as the artist’s immersion into, and consideration of, internal and external variables that form each NOW. This work is not about each strand, but rather the totality of all moments as they exist simultaneously in space as a portrait of the artist during the creation period. In this space, participants are encouraged to interact with hanging and media elements to form the atmospheric audio tones of the space- participants  contribute to the overall audio atmosphere of the room by touching the hanging materials as well as interacting with an ipad and singing bowl placed in the middle of the room. The ipad features an app called Bloom which, when tapped by participants, creates colored spots that appear while simultaneously making a series of melodic tones that follow the trail tapped onto the screen by the user.

Playgrounding Pilot Events: 2016

A series of pilot event to test public reaction to the cumuGLOWnimbus community coloring cloud station, the Tactile Teepee, and a LED robotics raceway. Multiple events were conducted to test the reception to this concept in public outdoor space, private indoor space, and as a group adventure experience. Exploring the application of installation arts stations as vehicles for designing dedicated playing contexts for adults. Visitors were encouraged to freely play with, touch, and explore everything in and around the space. Future applications may include designing “adult playing grounds”, pop-up public art space, and public community space that can be easily and freely accessed by all. Designed to be used during daytime and nighttime.

Fusion Playground : 2017

A one night pop-up arts playground at Warehouse XI in Somerville, MA. This was a charity event that raised over 2k to benefit The Network / La Red & was coordinated in partnership with Ashley Kirsner of Skip The Small Talk. The space featured a community coloring station under a Cumuglownimubs cloud, a “conversation ball pit”, and interactive yarn caves by Emily Brodrick of Emily’s Living Rainbows. The event featured a Fusion dance lesson, and sold out a week before the event!

Zen Rainforest : 2017

 A site-specific mixed-media installation space by Easton Smith and Shakti Rowan debuting at Art Week at Cambridge Innovation Center. May 2017. Featuring Easton's signature glow cloud, plants and greenery in every direction, aromatherapy, and decorative seating, the space asks visitors to consider what contributes to calming environments that facilitate community discussion and connection.

The Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Game  : 2018

Armed with a cell phone with a digital camera, each team solves missions, iinteracts with community partners, avoids zombies, learns survival tactics. Along the way you'll have a chance to exercise your dashing creativity and brave ridiculousness to compete with others on creating epic photos and videos. Afterward, we will re-convene for dancing, excellent prizes, and community resiliency mapping. This experience took place in surprise locations around Somerville, MA in the fall of 2018 and was a collaborative effort between Rebecca Michelson, Easton Smith, Carly Nix, and Jason Behrens in partnership with The Go Game and other local sponsors. 

To learn more about this community game, visit the zombie game landing page here


  • What is your background?
    Sociology undergrad, M.Ed in Community Art, wearer of many hats. I have worked as an arts teacher, a personal assistant, a film maker, an Art Bus coordinator, and Events Planner, and now I have taken all of my making skills and applied them towards a career in manufacturing engineering operations. Most recently I have worked for 3D printer R&D startups in the Boston area. I am totally driven by art, technology, and innovative community activations and experiences.
  • Do you do commissions?
    Yes! I love commissions. Shoot me an email with what you are thinking, and I'd be glad to craft something perfect for you. Commission work is priced individually, depending on the medium, materials, and time required.
  • Can we collaborate?
    I am always looking for thinkers and dreamers and artistis of all kind to work with. Have an idea? Reach out!
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