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"Showing different colors when viewed from different directions" this is what our specially sourced material is known for! We work with trusted vendors overseas to source high-quality synthetic polymer thermoplastics with specialized dichroic surface finishes. This means that our sculptures initially present in one range of colors, but will shift into various other colors as the material is viewed from different directions against various lighting conditions. 

Caustic Light Reflections:

Caustic reflections are light reflections that appear when sunlight or other light sources reflect off of a curved surface. Think: water under a bridge, reflecting moving patterns of sunlight. This is what makes our sculptures one-of-a-kind! Each sculpture will show off caustic light reflections on nearby surfaces when in line of direct sunlight, or directional LED lights. We encourage you to find different sunny areas of your home to play with the way that your sculpture will light up the room with colorful shadows and caustic reflections as the sunlight changes throughout the day.

Sun Sculpture:

Part sun catcher, part stained glass, part disco ball - "sun sculpture" is our own term for the mixed-media light activated fine art creations that we make. Each sun sculpture contains multiple segments of dichroic material that is carefully cut, shaped, pinned, set, strung, finished, polished, and joined with faceted glass to create a truly unique sculpture that plays with the lighting in your space, changing colors when viewed from different directions and creating caustic light reflections to appear around your room. We like to hang ours indoors, where the maximum amount of caustic reflections can be found on white walls and ceilings. When its not sunny out, sun sculptures can be lit with bright directional LED lights like a disco ball, or up-lit with softer ranges of colorful lighting to be viewed as a chandelier at night.

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Is this art heat safe and waterproof? 

Yes! Our dichroic jewelry and sun scultpures have been tested indoors and outdoors in all sorts of weather. Our dichroic material is safe in high temperatures and will not melt. 

How do I clean my art?

You will notice over time that your art piece or jewelry may gather dust, pollon, or other dirt. We love to take our sculptures on travels! You can clean your art using cold water and a microfiber cloth or cotton swab to get into the nooks and crannies. For our larger moon jelly sculptures, we recommend giving them a shower (yes really!) You can let them air dry in the sun, or blow dry them with a low-heat low-air setting to ensure no water spots are left over. Just keep your art away from chemicals and oils, as these will damage the dichroic material.

Do you offer repairs?

Of course! Just reach out to us by email, and mention your order number. We are happy to repair any of our original pieces of work.

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