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This is a listing for Cosmos sculpture #2

#2 features

Abstract, ladder, ribbon, panel, and spiral shapes

Large teardrop AB glass prism

7 pieces

21” sculpture length

12” stainless steel chain with clasp to adjust length


Our dichroic materials are specially sourced and contain up to 6 "hidden" colors that shift as the material bends and is seen in different types of lighting throughout the day. We invite you to hang your sun sculpture in a sunny area of your living space, either in a window or in a stream of sunlight that hits a nearby wall to experience the magical color shadows that will activate in different lighting conditions and times of day. Collect different sun sculptures to create an "analog ligt show" as our different color materials all cast and reflect different hues.


Each sculpture is carefully crafted in Somerville, MA and is one-of-a-kind

~Cosmos~ #2

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Dichroic Surface Finish Thermoplastic

    Stainless Steel Chain & Clasp

    Dichroic Glass

    Sculpture lengths are listed in the pictures. Every sculptures comes with a 12" stainless steel chain and clasp for adjustable hanging

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