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Day 26: Idea

Day 26 and I am sitting down to write this at 7:49est. I'm going to playfully start today by telling you what that means to me.

26 is a weird number for me - I see it a LOT. It's a sign of good things, of forward movement, and of being pretty well on top of my overall wellness. It's auspicious number for me, and I totally found that today echos those sentiments in my play sphere. You know where that came from? Playing! I playfully use numbers as a sign to myself that I am "on track" or in line with another idea. 7 is my number for magic and production, of alchemy and realization. 49 is my number for foundations, and I frequently notice it when I am sitting in front of something or someone that is important to me. These are meanings that I assigned playfully to them, as my collector type gathered patterns around what I'm doing and seeing when I see repeating things. Is it numerology? I have no idea. But it feels fun to me to develop my own language of communication with myself, so that is what I allow it to be.

You see I love to go kind of WILD with my imagination. It's a huge part of who I am, of my inspiration, with my more serious work, and woks beneficially to physical brain which has no regard for reality vs. imagined when sending out chemical signals. Over the past 24 hrs I have been exploring the WILD side of my imagination, seeing where it could take me. My options were somewhat limited since I have to work during the daytime hours, and it's been cold and rainy here in Boston. At first I was discouraged at the distance i felt between myself and some really WILD play feelings from the past that I would love to access now. I decided to indulge in some WILD storyteller play and watched My Octopus Teacher on Netflix. I had no idea truly how wild the undersea landscapes can be, and the relationship that this scientist built with a wild octopus is absolutely extraordinary. I found myself really touched at the idea of building relationship with something over the course of such a long period of time, weaving together bits and pieces of play-based moments that cross the barriers of species. This guy was hanging out with an Octopus, and learning from it, in a similar way to how I hang out with my cat. I went to bed totally satiated in Explorer type discovery of new underwater landscapes and ideas, and my storyteller right along with it.

I woke up this morning to another cold and grey day filled with meetings. I acknowledged my early morning discouragement and little bits of sadness of a grey morning, I decided that it would be a good day to WILDLY weave some opportunities for bits of play into my day. What My Octopus Teacher really taught me was that relationships with spaces and beings are really built over consistently engaging - no matter how brief each moment may be. It adds to the cumulative total of playful moments where deep connection can happen.

Between meetings and during my lunch hour, I allowed a nesting of WILD playful ideas with my work responsibilities. When I had 10 minutes to spare, i picked up a copy of WIRED magazine and let my collector type flip through in search of wild patterns that my artist-creator will later pick up and collage with (planting a play seed here for a future moment of inspiration.) This is also a source of favorite WILD new tech and ideas on the horizon. One of the few magazines that I still love to read and hold in my hands. So that is where I was left... with so many IDEAS about my connection to the natural world, how I can enhance it in my interior space to bridge the time and seasons when I can't be outside quite as much.

Inner Persuasion

Inner persuasion is one of my primary sources for playful ideas these days. This is where my play has brought me, to find all sorts of ways of communicating with myself through activity - to truly hear my inner persuasion and recognize all of the playful IDEAS that flow from a multitude of places in my mind, body, and spirit. When I am in a state of wild play, I tap in to these ideas easily and frequently. I am loose and limber and can float from idea to idea and try them on like hats or swing from them like tree branches, catching another just as I come flying off from the one that I was holding. I would say that my most exceptional ideas are ones that have some structure (branches) but that allow me to swing wildly with them and see where I land. The swinging itself is the inner persuasion, nested inside of my playful decisions.

Today I am asking you: what playful IDEAS does your inner persuasion lead you to? Can you do something just for the fun of it, because it popped into your head as a completely random idea that made you laugh? Can you find a new way to source your IDEAS or get inspired? What IDEAS are waiting to grow from your wild play side that you explored yesterday? Let them freely flow and try not to judge- all IDEAS are just little bubbles that your mind is grabbing on to, and are not inherently YOU. See where they take you!

Happy playing - wishing you all the most playful IDEA space and feel free to reach out if you are in need of some fun inspiration! Catch you back here tomorrow for Day 27.

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