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Day 14: Sounds About Right

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday. I am so pumped about all of the splattering that I saw going on yesterday. Wave jumping, making a mess, splashing in rain puddles and giving some space to wild and imperfect playing. How did it feel to let loose and SPLATTER? Did you find yourself pushed beyond your comfort zone in any way?

I was surprised to find myself resisting getting in to the act of SPLATTERING. I knew I wanted to paint - when I think about the word SPLATTER all I can see is a paint filled room - but sacrificing a room of my apartment to potential rug-staining play activities didn't seem like the way I wanted to come off of my calm prompt play day.

I settled on allowing myself the SPLATTERIEST of materials (paint) and a mostly empty sheet in my watercolor book that I had been using to test markers on. Already "ruined" and not suitable for a canvas, this became a challenge to see if I could SPLATTER in a way that allowed me to turn messy and unconscious artist-creator playing into an emotional experiment about letting go of an end result. Here's what happened!

What i found was by the end I just wanted to keep SPLATTERING bigger and louder and more freely. I totally have intentions of revising this prompt with more time and physical space to really splatter and heck maybe even get some strange materials in the mix.

What got me going while I was doing this was a song I was listening to. Frequently when I am looking for artistic inspiration, I throw my spotify collection of music on shuffle and see what comes up. Surrendering my process to an external force that I allow to dictate my movements is my kinesthete and exploerer personalities at play. From the starting point of one song I can see my whole attitude towards making open up and blossom with unlimited potential and ideas. So obviously I am going to run with that tonight and have everyone join me in exploring SOUND!

What's Up With Sound?

Sound, at its core, is a vibration. And have you SEEN what vibrations do to water?! I'm going to drop a few videos below and keep this short. Tonight I want you to Play with sound - however that speaks to you. Sound as noise, sound as influencer, sound as expression, sound as environment. Get expansive with this prompt 'caus tomorrow - WE'RE IN WEEK 3 which seems utterly crazy to me. I totally trust in your ability to drip and drop and ripple and vibrate with sound just as naturally as we see in these clips. Like OMG WTF HOW and ya know, some things just do. Especially when influenced by something as vibrationally powerful as sound.

Tomorrow I'll tell you more about how I use sound as a tool for playing, and dissect what I've discovered here. For now just have fun with this - it's Wednesday and you've made it halfway through the week. That is reason alone to take a moment to chill out with some playful sounds. Prompts below to get you going!

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