Easton is a Certified Reiki Level 2 practitioner having completed training with Conscious.Mother and Inner Waters in August of 2020. She specializes in distance healing utilizing tools that are hand picked for each client, healing for animals, and creating functional art objects that facilitate energetic connection in your home space.


Current Reiki Offerings


Are intentionally crafted one-of-a-kind objects that are tools for deepening your practice, or for bringing reiki energy into your daily spaces. Each object is crafted to your unique energy signature, infused and packaged with universal energy for your highest good. Plus - they just look cool. 

The purchase of a reiki art object includes a 15 minute consultation

to talk about your intention and vision for using your object. 


SMALL: "Pocket Portal" reiki art object. Specifically focusing on throat and crown chakras. Functional as a sensory thinking tool. 

LARGE: Proxy Pillow Art Object for the facilitation of distance Reiki. Intuitive painting, central pocket for holding other tools used with clients. Customized to include meaningful objects in the interior stuffing and lining. 

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